About Us


CLOUT’s mission is to build the power of religious congregations to solve community problems by holding systems accountable.


CLOUT’s vision is a city of justice where its systems assure that all people are treated fairly.


CLOUT addresses problems that affect large numbers of people and violate a basic sense of fairness, such as the lack of quality education or access to essential quality healthcare, criminalization of children, predatory lending, etc.  In our work together toward pragmatic solutions, we set aside labels like red/blue, conservative/liberal, etc. that divide a city, and focus on the common good.


CLOUT’s funding comes from three sources: Membership Dues; an annual Investment Drive (leaders collecting investments from individuals and local corporate CEOs); and Grants (various denominational & foundation grants). CLOUT does not accept government funding.


The video slideshow below highlights CLOUT's first 25 years of work, 1991-2016. Click here for a complete list of accomplishments.



CLOUT is affiliated with the Direct Action & Research Training Center, Inc. (DART), of Miami, Florida, which provides training and consulting services to 22 community organizations like CLOUT in eight states. Through our relationship with DART, CLOUT has benefited from the expertise and experience of the DART staff and these sister organizations. 

DART provides regular on-site training and consulting and CLOUT sends leaders from member congregations to training events conducted by DART several times a year. To date, over 1000 CLOUT leaders have attended these workshops. For more information on DART training, click here.

For more information on DART, click here.